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Netherlands Tourism Guide

Travel Information on The Netherlands

Netherlands is a small country, but it also represents one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world. The first things that come to mind when you we think about the Netherlands are windmills, tulips and complete freedom to pursuit one’s desires. However, there are many other things to see and experience in the Netherlands. This beautiful country is a mixture of the old and the new, the quiet villages and noisy metropolis, the traditions and customs and a pulsing nightlife. Even if the people in Netherlands are traditionally guided by the Calvinist rigid principles, they are very tolerant and encourage freethinking. Netherlands guides itself by a liberal law that accepts the use of ‘soft’ drugs and prostitution. Netherlands represents a huge attraction for young people because of this liberal law. However, this does not mean that you will not find the Netherlands appealing if you are travelling with your family or if you are not very young. Outside the big cities, the Netherlands is a quiet and peaceful country that has many interesting cultural and historical sights of great interest.

The name of the country means ‘low countries’. This name is very appropriate because Netherlands is one of the most geographically low-lying countries in the world. The English-speaking world uses the name Netherlands to describe this country, while the term ‘Holland’ is mostly used in the German countries.

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